Absolute Mould Removal

Mould Assessment & Inspection


Expert solutions for your residential home or commercial property in absolute, mould removal.

When you book a mould assessment Melbourne with us we make sure that all areas and mould sources are inspected, such as:

  • Grading / standing water issues
  • Infected sub walls & wall cavities
  • Defective ventilation system
  • Contaminated carpeting, furniture, etc…
  • Moisture leaks

This may sound simple, but the list goes on and on, and more often than not the source of the problem is not as simple as it may seem during the first assessment.

Our Adelaide mould removal process employs advanced methods, products, equipment, technology and techniques that are all necessary and all used in harmony to provide an ideal outcome.

This preliminary mould assessment often includes:

  • Antifungal and antimicrobial treatments (chemical & non-chemical)
  • Hazardous disposal techniques and equipment
  • Negative air chambers for spore containment
  • Physical and chemical barriers to prevent spread
  • Fogging / Desmell equipment

Absolute is committed to customer satisfaction guaranteed by the quality of service and best practices we use on each job we perform.

Absolute Mould Removal is a Licensed Mould Remediation and Mould Removal Company.
We work with Mould Removal Mould Assessment companies to determine the type of mould that is infecting your home or business and then we will deliver the best solutions for handling the remediation process. We are mould removal, mould testing, and mould remediation experts in Absolute and the surrounding areas.

Absolute  Mould Mitigation Services are taken extremely seriously.
Contamination normally starts without you knowing it is there. In some circumstances, you and your household may currently be experiencing the existence of this contaminant and you are none the smarter. Some adverse effects of having it in your house are typical signs of other illness or illness.

There might be a specific smell that begins. If you notice this smell/musty smell give us a call for smell removal. We give you a rapid response. We are the remediation specialists. Many times the commercial mould removal damage has occurred from fire damage or water damage.

This is since it can be very hidden and really harmful for human beings. If you think that you have a problem in your house in Australia, contact us as soon as possible. You should have mould assessments or mould inspection first, but if it is obvious you have mould contamination call us for an assessment relating to mould spores contamination and we will make a visit to you at your best time.

This means that you could possibly invoke insurance claims. You should check with your insurance provider first. We do not do home inspections, but we deal with mould from all cities in Australia, including Newcastle. There are many companies that use property inspection robots and use inspection drones/ drone inspection ( infrared drones ) like Melbourne, Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

Lab results can vary from the mould sampling.