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* Pricing is determined at the time of inspection and is based on the surface area affected, the level of contamination and the building material.

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Mould Cleaning - Affordable Inspection Fee & Quotes

For an on-site mould quote, inspection and detailed report entail a fee, which is deducted from the total quote when you book any service with us. Our quotations are all-inclusive, ensuring there are no unexpected or hidden charges. Click here for more information on quote fees.

Absolute Mould Removal specialise in mould removal and mould remediation.

Our mould removal process focuses on identifying the cause of the problem and providing recommendations to find a permanent solution for our valued customers. The highly trained team at Absolute Mould Removal offers a professional service and years of experience to ensure you get the best possible results.

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Australia’s Most Thorough Mould Specialist

Step 1:
Our five-stage approach to removing mould begins with an inspection to assess the affected area and how much work is required. Your technician will discuss treatment options and provide a written quote.

Step 2:

We will take humidity measurements and identify what may have lead to the initial mould infestation.

Step 3:

Using an anti-microbial mould treatment, we are able to trace moisture into building materials so that we treat the visible and hidden mould.

Step 4:

We use specialised equipment to remove both mould and mould stains. Following this process, repainting is not required in 95% of cases.

Step 5:

Non mechanical air scrubbing is a process where a mist is sprayed into the home to treat air-borne mould spores and prevent re-colonisation.

We can provide you with some advice on avoiding mould infestations – we show you where potential leaks and risk areas are as well as ways that you can increase ventilation to keep your house free from mould in the future.

Your technician can also provide some insights into what may have caused your mould issue in the first place. This advice is general in nature and you should undertake your own research with the relevant tradespeople.

Australia's Most Thorough Mould Remediation Experts

Types of mould that we can clean and help with:

  • ACREMONIUM MOULD (Grows in air condition units, window cracks and humidifiers)
  • ALTERNARIA MOULD (Highly allergenic mould) Found in showers, bathtubs and damp areas
  • ASPERGILLUS MOULD This is a common mould found in Australian households.
  • AUREOBASIDIUM MOULD Aureobasidium is an allergenic mould that can sometimes be found growing behind wallpaper or on painted or wooden surfaces.
  • CHAETOMIUM MOULD A mould commonly found in water-damaged homes and buildings.

Mould cleaning results 

After Mould Removal Perth

What are the warranty conditions? If the mould returns within 12 months, Absolute will return free of charge to clean all mould affected areas listed in the original scope of works. The warranty is only valid if:
  • Both the micro-cleaning and non-mechanical air scrubbing were completed as part of your service.
  • The customer has addressed any ongoing moisture issues, such as leaks in the home’s roof, walls, or plumbing. While Absolute’s service will treat mould and restore your indoor air to healthy levels, you will need to undertake research to rectify the cause otherwise the mould will return.
  • The home’s relative humidity measures at under 60%.
  • Windows and windowsills are clean and free of moisture, such as condensation.
Warranties are not valid in areas such as the laundry and bathroom or if any unforeseen water intrusion occurs.
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Mould Removal Service

If you need your house free from mould, call a local mould removal expert you can trust.

Traces Mould To The Source

Our antimicrobial solutions trace the mould to the moisture source to treat even hidden mould.

Treats Airborne Mould Spores

Treats airborne mould spores and restores air quality to safe, healthy levels.

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We provide a first-class mould remediation service that you and your family can rely on.

Our 35 years of industry experience have taught us what the main causes for mould are and how to effectively remove mould.

Let us take care of your mould to improve your home’s health.


Safe & Secure

We only use industry tested products and the highest quality equipment.


Prompt Service

We understand that your mould problem is urgent and provide timely quotes and treatment.


Low Cost

We keep our costs low and pass the savings on to locals.

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Absolute Mould Removal FAQ


It’s highly recommended not to attempt cleaning severe mould infestations yourself. Our clients trust our professional training and experience to keep their health in mind during the mould cleaning process.

Remediation costs vary depending on how much mould is present and where mould exists. Our mould removal prices start from $350 AUD per room.

It is true that dried-out mould stops growing actively. Spores need moisture to multiply, so removing excess moisture can help you stop the spread of mould. However, any growth you have will stay exactly where it is. Should you have humidity and a mouldy odour in your house, give us a call.

No, it is not safe to sleep in a bedroom with mould present. Indoor mould of any exposure is worrisome, but mould in the bedroom is especially so, simply due to the number of hours you spend in your bedroom breathing it in while you sleep. Beyond the immediate allergy symptoms, mould exposure may cause sleep issues, too.

Painting over mould will do little more than mask the problem. If you want to prevent mould in a room with extra moisture, mould resistant paint may be an option.

Smaller mould infestations can be treated with a 1:1 mix of water and vinegar. Spray onto the affected area and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes before wiping it off and rinsing thoroughly. We recommend calling in the professionals if you have a more severe mould infestation.

For safety reasons, we ask that pets, plants and people vacate the premises during the service and for five hours afterwards.

Warm, humid conditions are ideal for mould growth. Most moulds need temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or more to grow. Air conditioners to regulate the temperature of your house can help prevent mould growth.

Yes, mould can contaminate surrounding areas and spread to other areas of your home that have also optimal mould growing environments such as non or poorly ventilated laundries and bathrooms with high moisture levels.

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