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Electrodry Mould Removal - A Reliable Family Business.

Looking for the most reliable mould removal in Perth, W.A.?
Electrodry Mould Removal is Perth’s most experienced mould remediation service that your family can rely on. We offer a range of services for homeowners and commercial businesses in Perth, Western Australia. Our services include Mould Removal, Air Quality Testing, Mould Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Air Conditioning Cleaning. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.

We have been recognised around Perth for our outstanding mould mitigation services.

Our mission is to provide Perth Family’s and Businesses alike with complete mould removal solutions. We provide you piece of mind that the mould will be gone for good.

We give back to the community by providing our services so that locals benefit from a mould free environment at a price that is affordable.

Our core business values as an Australian Family owned business are centred around trustworthiness, customer service and clear, upfront communication.

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