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We are here to answer any of your questions relating to mould removal or water damage restoration. 

The cost of a residential mould remediation work depends on a range of factors, including: what type of material is affected, the size of the area and how much time it will take to remove and repair the area. Typically the range could be anywhere from $395 for a bathroom and more for a whole home which has visible mould though out the ceiling area.

When the mould removal is completed it should be set under negative air and contained with containment barriers and commercial grade antimicrobial to prevent the mould from reoccurring.

It is recommended to follow professional mould and mildew removal guidelines which the industry uses as a standard to remove mould correctly.

The difference between mould and mildew is that they are different types of fungi with different colors and textures. Mildew one of the many types of mould and more common in a homes in Perth, Western Australia.

Mould can take on a variation of colors, it can be anywhere from dark black to a lighter green color or anything in between. Sometimes it’s very difficult to determine if what is in your home is actually mould, which is why in some cases we recommend an laboratory test to be ordered and analyse the mould strains. 

Mould can spread very quickly when it is disrupted by rubbing it or by air spraying against it.

If you spot mould in your home, it is not recommended to wipe it down with bleach as bleach does not kill mould just turns it white and will actually make it spread because you are disrupting the mould spores.